Why a comfortable bike split guarantees good running legs…by Ben Hoffman

“Looking back on my recent Ironman victory in South Africa, I really believe that one of the major keys to my success was executing a well-paced bike ride that was within my ability so I could then run a strong marathon. After a not perfect swim left me a couple minutes behind the otheBen-Hoffman-on-Knight-Composites-1sr major contenders, I chose not to panic and chase in the opening kilometers. Keeping the power reasonable and heart rate under control while continually fueling and hydrating, I was able to avoid some of the surges and spikes that come from the group dynamic. By the time I caught up halfway through, I was well warmed up and comfortable, still having the ability to push a couple times and stretch out the group before the run. One by one, athletes around me dropped off, and I just stayed focused on my power, nutrition, and staying positive. Additionally, I selected equipment and a position that kept me comfortable for this particular course, with buffeting winds and extremely rough and bumpy roads. I have averaged much higher watt numbers in an ironman event, but this time it was about riding a few notches lower than my maximal ability in order to really feel strong in the run. You only have so many matches to burn, and finding the optimal balance isn’t always easy, but many people over bike just to end up walking the marathon. Pay particular attention to your equipment setup, nutrition, race conditions (weather and course), and constantly reevaluate throughout the bike to optimize and prepare for the marathon. All the best to everyone in their training and racing!”

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Beverly Lucas