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Knight 35 Tubular


The Knight 35 is a do-it-all wheel that offers outstanding versatility and stability. This wheel is a go-to for pros and enthusiasts alike.

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Product Description

At first blush, a clincher wheel looks very similar to a tubular, in reality the construction of them is quite different. Once the Knight Composites clincher wheel series where into the manufacturing stage, our engineering team went to work on the design and development of our tubular series.

Using a similar development process as our clincher wheels, our engineers have designed our tubular wheelsets to offer all the aerodynamic advantages of our clincher series, for those who prefer the feel of a tubular tyre.


The Knight 35 – engineered to:

> Cushion the impact of the roughest roads

> Be extremely light weight and nimble

> Provide a strong aero advantage over a standard box rim


In this comparison, we show a Knight 35 vs a standard OE box rim as the baseline (in this case – a Fulcrum 5). This chart shows what can be gained from switching from a standard wheel to a Knight 35 Aero. Observe that the OE rim never exhibits any aerodynamic gains at yaw and shows high drag even at zero degrees. The Knight 35 is both light weight and low drag – an unbeatable combination.



Knight 35 Carbon Fibre Tubular Wheelset Technical Specification

Additional Information

Hub Type

Aivee SR5, Chris King R45, Chris King R45 Ceramic, DT Swiss 240s, Tune Mig70/Mag170


Campagnolo, Shimano/SRAM


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