Yeti Turquoise Decal Kit


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You put a lot into your bike, and your wheels. So show your style with color matched wheel decals and add a little custom flavor to your ride.  Match your bike, match your eyes, match the color of your favorite power ranger, or just freshen up your wheels when the old decals have given all they’ve got. Your wheels. Your choice. Make it pop.

Our decal kits are sold in a quantity of 12 decals per pack and will cover one complete set of Knight Composites wheels.

Nothing says custom like color matched wheel decals. Knight Composites Decal Kit - Yeti Turquoise - PMS# 320C Yeti Turquoise PMS# 320

Product Description

Knight Composites Decal Kit – Yeti Turquoise – Pantone 320C

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Decal Kit

27.5 Enduro Decal Kit (12), 27.5 Plus Decal Kit (12), 27.5 Trail Decal Kit (12), 29 Enduro Decal Kit (12), 29 Race Decal Kit (12), 29 Trail Decal Kit (12), 35 Clincher Decal Kit (12), 35 Disc Decal Kit (12), 35 Tubular Decal Kit (12), 35 Tubular Disc Decal Kit (12), 65 Clincher Decal Kit (12), 65/95 Clincher Decal Kit (12), 95 Clincher Decal Kit (12)


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