TriRig Review: Knight Composites Carbon Clinchers

The folks over at TriRig have had a look at our carbon clinchers, here’s some of our highlights.


“I wrote the brand off as merely another “me too” brand in the crowded world of wheels. But last year while helping set up Ben Hoffman’s Shiv, I got a chance to see the wheels up close, and had a bit of a rude awakening.”


“Further testing with these wheels only proved that out. Knights brake exceptionally well compared to other carbon wheels I’ve used. It does mean the wheels aren’t the lightest on the market, but I’ll happily take the extra weight in favor of better braking”


“It’s clear that the Knights are a worthy design, aerodynamically and otherwise. They ride beautifully, they brake extremely well, and are priced competitively with their competition.”

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Joss Wilson