In partnership with Realworx, exclusively designed and developed 24T POE gear ring, which increases the contact area of the ratchet pawl.

Pawls stick to the surface of the gear ring and increase the contact area at the place where the force is applied, so that the ratchet pawl is not easily damaged or broken. The engagement angle of the ratchet pawl is 15 degrees.

The smaller the angle, the shorter the reaction time. The angle between the pawls is 120 degrees and the bite force can be evenly dispersed.

IMPEL Ratchet Ring Drive System

Available as an upgrade option from our pawl drive hubs, IMPEL refers to our new 24T ratchet ring driver compatible with select hubs.

Unlike a traditional pawl system, Alexrims’ ratchet ring provides more positive engagement with the hub for improved power transfer.

Additionally, ratchet ring systems have increased lifespans and improved wear characteristics making them ideal for aggressive riding.

AVAILABLE FOR ROAD, GRAVEL & ALL-ROAD WHEELS ($100 Upgrade over standard Cascade hubs.)