During the design process, the engineering team at Knight Wheels utilizes several tools to ensure our wheels are optimized to reduce aerodynamic drag. This begins with lead design engineer Kevin Quan, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to develop our proprietary T.E.A.M. rim profile. Specifically, we address how the trailing edge affects air flow from the rim to the tire, and onto the down tube and the rest of the frame. T.E.A.M. shape is engineered to move drag from the rim to behind the trailing edge, actually creating lift and freeing more usable watts.

Although we’re still a small company, we have big results, in the wind tunnel and on the road. Below are the wind tunnel testing results of the Knight 65 and Knight 95 against our competition. Even at static 0° yaw, Knight has less drag. As speed and yaw angles increase, our T.E.A.M. shape not only sheds drag, but creates lift, freeing usable watts, and making you faster.


A compliant wheel is a smooth rolling wheel. And a smooth rolling wheel keeps you in the saddle longer, pushing your limits and taking you further than before.

No matter if you’re wandering the rocky tracks of the Baja Divide, or sprinting for the line at Kona, ride compliance directly impacts your performance. Our EPS manufacturing process allows us to control uniformity and compaction in our layup, precisely dialing it in, to and exact form, every time. We avoid having to overbuild the rim, which can cause a harsh, overly stiff ride. Our result is a balanced, smooth rolling wheels that gives a much more laterally stiff, yet vertically compliant ride, than you’ve ever had before.


A good wheel is only good if it can hold up to the abuse you throw at it. We get it. That’s why we build Knight wheels to handle all you can throw at them. Just like you, we ride across just about any terrain, in all conditions, on the same wheels. Race day or Wednesday, we don’t want to think about our wheels. We just want to ride.

Like compliance, this goes back to how we manufacture the rim. The precision of EPS molding, allows us to reduce “carbon drift” and “voids” associated with bladder-only molding, which cause weak spots. In testing, our wheels show 30% more impact resistance than the competition. Gram for gram, ride after ride, we are stronger.

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