At Knight Composites, we design and build the most durable, performance-minded carbon wheels on the planet. Our manufacturing processes allow us to create a wheel capable of standing up to the rigors of everyday use; whether it be a training day, a race day or every day. We stand behind our products, because we’ve done the hard work of designing and testing to ensure they won’t let you down. We realize this is pretty bold claim, and to back it up Knight offers a LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY, and a top-of-industry “KNIGHT for LIFE” CRASH REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE.


Knight Composites warrants all products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship from the original purchase date for the LIFETIME of the original, registered owner . We expect you to ride your wheels hard, every time you ride, without worry. Ride them like you race them, and race them like you stole them. We got you covered (unless, of course, you really did steal them. Then, not so much).

This warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product only. Claims under this warranty must be made through either an authorized Knight retailer or directly through Knight’s Customer Service team. Proof of purchase is required.


We’d like to make sure we all remain one big happy family, and that you keep riding Knight Composites for as long as you ride. So, we offer the” Knight for Life Crash Replacement Guarantee” program to the original owner for Knight manufactured products, for life. This catch-all program covers accidents which fall outside of our warranty coverage.

While we engineer our wheels to handle tough conditions and aggressive riding, that doesn’t mean you should abuse them. Not to call out our customers lacking in the common sense department, but run-ins with low garage doors, extreme heat from your tailpipe/muffler/exhaust pipe, your neighbor’s dog, or falling from excessive height are outside of the scope of our guarantee, and will not be considered. (Note: we won’t cover your neighbor’s dog’s veterinary dental bills either – carbon will mess up dog-mouth pretty significantly, so keep Fifi AWAY).

As part of this program, the price of replacement Knight product is 50% off the listed local MSRP. Please note that sales tax, freight, VAT/Import duties, shipping, and labor are not covered. Additional replacement parts are not covered.

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