Knight Composites is looking for club and race teams to partner with. If your club is looking for a wheel partner, we would love to chat with you. We have learned that the best way to get the word out about Knight wheels is to get them on the bikes of the influencers, you guys and gals that spend hours in the saddle on group rides and on race day. If you like the performance, you’ll spread the word.

With the start of season is just around the corner, here at Knight Composites we are excited about our new carbon tubeless aero (TLA’s) road wheels. The tubeless channel was co-developed with Schwalbe, and patented by Knight. The channel has 3 points of solid contact and are truly field serviceable. Even a guy who is used to holding his hand up to get a wheel change can install it without a tire iron, and seat it with a frame pump. If you are making the switch an to “all rounder” bike, our new TLA 35mm and 50mm wheels are designed for road, gravel and cross. One wheel for all disciplines.

The TLA fills out our complete line of road, tri, cross gravel and mountain wheels.

Fill out the form below to get details about our team and club discount and your exclusive coupon for your group. Let’s ride!

-Chris Horner, Brand Ambassador