The majority of aero wheels currently in the market place the design focus on the leading edge – the tire and rim’s outer edge. While this makes sense when the wheel is looked at in isolation, our engineering team made the strategic decision to design Knight Wheels as part of the bicycle system, which lead to the development of Trailing Edge Aerodynamic Manipulation.

TEAM Tech focuses on the trailing edge of the rim, specifically how it affects the air as it flows from the rim, to the tire and onto the downtube and rest of the frame. Our TEAM Tech shaping is designed to maximize the airflow attachment around the downtube and then the rear triangle.

As our engineering team continued through the design process, they moved on to defining the shape. After running numerous shape options through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and several wind tunnels, they determined that a parabolic shape offered the most aerodynamic benefit. Starting with a NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, now NASA) airfoil-based shape, the engineers reworked it by manipulating the arc and elongated the shape.

The result is a propriety shape that:
• Eliminates flaws in more common “V” and “U” shaped frames
• Offers a gradual widening of airflow around the trailing edge, which produces less disturbance over the downtube and frame
• Provides the optimal curve in rim for best air trajectory around tire/downtube interface