New Knight TLA and Schwalbe Pro One – Special Pricing To Complete Your New TLA Setup

The collaboration between Knight Composites and Schwalbe Tires began in 2016, when the companies’ two CEO’s shared the each other’s firm commitments to developing a more user-friendly system for tubeless technology. And when they said user-friendly, they didn’t just mean “easy to install” or “easy to inflate”. They didn’t settle on “it has to be fast” or “it needs to be totally dependable”. Just as Kevin, Beverly and Jim agreed when the three industry veterans started Knight four years ago, they shook hands, put a stake in the ground and challenged their engineers to develop the easiest and fastest tubeless system in the world.

The ultimate marriage of the Knight TLA – or Tubeless Aero – wheel, and Schwalbe’s Pro One tire is the result of 18 months of hard work, lab and field testing by both teams. We collectively believe we have a system that excels in every area of performance, maintenance and reliability. In plain English, we kick butt from the garage to the road or gravel trail. Importantly, whether you opt for sealant or an inner tube, you’re going to make it home safely and with the skin on your knuckles intact should you have to change your tire after a puncture.

The Knight TLA works superbly with any good quality tubeless tire on the market, but since it’s optimized for use with our development partner’s tire, we recommend you consider purchasing the Pro One when you buy your new set of tubeless wheels. To make the decision easier, for a limited time we’re offering a startup discount on all new Knight TLA purchases: A set of top of the line Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tires with Doc Blue professional sealant for half off their MSRP – that’s a full set of pro level race tires and sealant for just $99, delivered to you, ready to install. Easy.