Decline Magazine Review – Knight Enduro Mountain Wheel

The other day someone called and asked for a general summary of our Enduro wheels. In 2016 Decline Magazine summed it up perfectly and here’s what they had to say –

“Knight’s Enduro wheelset have quickly become some of our favorite wheels to ride. Directly comparing these wheels to the Enve M70s we ride so often, we’d have to say the ride quality is superior and we greatly appreciate the vertical compliance. Traction is better, rider fatigue is reduced while we’re still able to rail corners or slam the bike into a berm with force and still have the wheels right beneath us. Although the rims are made overseas, the product is top- notch and they are assembled here in the US for a slightly more affordable price than some of their competitors. We’d gladly recommend these wheels to our friends and hope to see them on more bikes in the future. Carbon stiffness with aluminum sensitivity, nicely done”

We engineered them and couldn’t say it any better. Have questions about any of our wheels? Feel free to email us at or give us a call at 541-241-8250